Dependable Asphalt, Concrete And Dirt Work

Commercial Asphalt Paving

East Texas Contractors has extensive experience with asphalt work. We design and lay roads, driveways and parking lots. We also remedy cracked, faded and crumbling asphalt, thereby extending the useful life of existing surfaces. We apply seal coatings to new and existing asphalt surfaces. Not only will a seal enhance the look of the surface, but it also serves as an important protection barrier. Seal coating will extend the life of asphalt surfaces here in Texas, where we see brutal summer heat and a lot of sun. An average parking lot can be sealed in an afternoon. The seal should be allowed to dry a minimum of 8 hours.

East Texas Contractors is also adept at asphalt surface striping. In a commercial setting, a parking lot is part of the curb appeal. Our customers often find the transformation of their lot following new striping to be remarkable.

Concrete Solutions

Concrete is a durable, diverse surface and exterior solution. East Texas Contractors specializes in concrete foundations, driveways, sidewalks, courtyards and retaining walls. You can expect consistent screening and careful leveling with our work. We also do concrete repair, remedying unattractive cracks and eliminating tripping hazards.

Because we frequently work with construction project managers, we understand the importance of being reliable, and possibly flexible, as part of an overall, larger construction project. East Texas Contractors is a team member you can count on.

Dirt Work & Grading

Having the appropriate foundation for your asphalt or concrete surface is key to its overall success. Whether you’re building on a prepped parcel or forging new territory, we’ve got the experience needed to get you build-ready. East Texas Contractors specializes in grading and leveling. Ancillary to the dirt work, we also provide drainage, clearing and other pad prepping for contractors and homebuilders.

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